Unveiling the Magic : Creative Ideas for your Elf this December.

What is the Elf on the Shelf?

The Elf on the Shelf is a beloved Christmas tradition that brings a touch of magic and excitement to households during December.

The story revolves around Santa’s special scout elves, magical beings who are assigned to homes around the world to keep an eye on children’s behavior in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

These mischievous elves hide in different spots each day, and the children’s task is to find them. The magical twist is that the elves report back to Santa every night, detailing the children’s actions—whether they’ve been naughty or nice.

Families often name their elves and develop unique traditions around their daily discoveries, creating an amusing and interactive experience that builds anticipation and joy as Christmas approaches.

Our Elf Rosie arrived many years ago and is part of many wonderful memories over the past decade.

Elf Arrival

  1. North Pole Breakfast : Set up a special North Pole – themed breakfast with elf-sized treats.

2. Elf’s First Night Photo Album : Start an album capturing the elf’s nightly adventures. Place the album alongside the elf with a note encouraging the family to contribute to the photo collection.

3. Elf Arrival Letter : Write a personalised letter from the elf explaining how excited they are to spend the holiday season with your family. Leave the letter in a special spot for the kids to find.

4. Customised Elf Delivery Box : Looking for a cute way for your elf to arrive from the North Pole this year, get your own customised Elf Delivery Box

Remember, the key is to make it a magical and memorable experience for the kids, sparking their excitement for the holiday season.

Elf Activities

1. Our Elf Tricks Leaning Ladder – with 15 different trick / activity ideas.

Elf Tricks Board

2. Elf Spa Day – Set up a spa scene with miniature towels, a tiny robe, and maybe even a spa coupon for the family.

3. Snowball Fight – Use mini marshmallows as snowballs, and leave a note challenging the family to a snowball fight.

4. Elf Hopscotch – Have the elf and some other dolls set up with a hopscotch board and use something little as playing chips.

5. Cookie Decorating – Leave out tiny cookies and frosting for the elf to decorate, with a note encouraging the family to join in.

6. Toy Parade – Arrange some of the kids’ toys in a parade formation, with the elf as the grand marshal.

7. Elf Movie Night –  Set up a mini movie night with popcorn and a tiny movie ticket.

8. Elf Kissing Booth  – Set up the Elf with the Kissing Booth Prop and also some Hershey’s kisses.

9. Elf Puzzle Challenge – Leave behind a puzzle for the family to solve, with a note hinting at a reward.

10. Elf Photo Booth – Create a mini photo booth with festive props and encourage the family to take elfie selfies. Using our Gingerbread Boy & Tree dress ups.

11. Magic Seeds – Leave behind “magic seeds” (candy or small toys) with instructions to plant them in a specific spot for a surprise the next day.

12. Elf Olympics – Set up a mini obstacle course or series of challenges for the elf Olympics.

13. Elf Art Gallery – Arrange some miniature artwork made by the elf and leave tiny art supplies nearby.

Feel free to mix and match these ideas to keep the holiday spirit alive and exciting for the whole family!

Hiding your Elf

Sometimes it is fun to just hide the elf around the house, and it becomes a scavenger hunt each morning, or a race to see who can find them first. Here is a list of fun places to hide your elf.

1. Inside the Christmas Tree: Nestle the elf among the branches for a festive hideout.

2. In the Fridge: Perhaps the elf is looking for a chilly retreat.

3. On the Bookshelf: Blend in with the book collection or even pose with a favorite story.

4. Behind the Sofa Cushions: Peeking out from behind the cushions can be a playful surprise.

5. On the Mantel: A classic spot with a view, perfect for overseeing holiday festivities.

6. In a Stocking: Surprise the kids by placing the elf inside one of the stockings.

7. Hanging from a Light Fixture: Use a small string or fishing line to suspend the elf from above.

8. In a Christmas Stocking: Nestled among the goodies, waiting to be discovered.

9. On a Windowsill: Enjoying the view or perhaps leaving a message on the window.

10. In the Bathroom: Perched on the sink or hanging from the shower curtain for a bathroom surprise.

11. In a Shoe: Peekaboo! Hide the elf inside a shoe for an unexpected discovery.

12. On the Stairs: Moving up or down, the elf can create a little adventure on the staircase.

13. In the Cookie Jar: A sweet spot for the elf, especially if there are cookies nearby.

14. Among the Toys: Blend in with the toy collection, perhaps riding a toy car or sitting on a dollhouse roof.

15. Underneath a Pillow: A cozy spot for a quick nap or to leave a special note.

Remember to consider the age and curiosity level of your  children when choosing hiding spots, and enjoy the excitement and wonder the Elf on the Shelf brings to the holiday season!

Transporting your Elf

When we had our elf Rosie there would often be an occasion where my daughter would be headed to her Grandparents for a sleep over or to her cousins and I had to be creative in finding ways to transport Rosie so she was there the next day, without her being touched of course.

Here are a list of ways if you ever get stuck transporting your elf.

1. Elf Suitcase: Pack a small suitcase or box for the elf with miniature clothes and accessories, creating the illusion of a little elf traveller.

2. Elf in a Tiny Vehicle: Place the elf in a tiny toy car, airplane, or any small vehicle to signify the journey.

3. Magic Portal: Leave a note explaining that the elf used a magical portal to travel to the grandparents’ house, and perhaps draw a simple portal on a piece of paper.

4. Elf Express Delivery: Pretend the elf was sent by Santa’s special delivery service and leave a note with details about the special mission.

5. Elf Postcard: Send a postcard from the elf to the kids, sharing a little update about the adventures on the way to the grandparents’ house.

6. Elf Backpack Adventure: Place the elf in a miniature backpack and leave a note about the exciting backpack adventure to the grandparents’ home.

7. Elf Taxi Service: Arrange a small toy taxi and position the elf as if it’s ready for a ride to the next destination.

8. Elf Hot Air Balloon: Create a mini hot air balloon using a balloon and a small basket to symbolize the elf’s magical journey.

9. Parachuting Elf: Attach the elf to a tiny parachute or make a paper one, indicating that the elf parachuted in for a visit.

10. Elf Map: Draw a simple map on how the elf can reach the grandparents’ house, adding a touch of adventure.

Remember to leave a note or a clue for the kids to find, explaining the magical journey the elf took to join them at their grandparents’ home. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the Elf on the Shelf tradition!

Saying good bye to your Elf

And before you know it , it will be December the 24th and time for all the Elves to return to the North Pole for another year. I can remember Alex being quite emotional about saying good bye. Often we would let her have a cuddle with Rosie on the last night.

Here are a few different ideas to help with saying good bye.

1. Thank You Note: Leave a heartfelt thank you note from the elf expressing gratitude for the fun times and good behavior. You can also use our Elf Message board.

Elf Message Board

2. Magic Dust: Leave a small bag of “magic dust” (glitter) for the kids, explaining that it’s elf magic to sprinkle around the house to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

3. Elf Hug: Position the elf in a way that it looks like it’s giving a goodbye hug to a stuffed animal or a family photo.

4. Elf Letter: Write a farewell letter from the elf, sharing memories of the season and expressing excitement about returning to the North Pole.

5. North Pole Express: Set up a toy train or create a track leading to a sign that says “North Pole Express Departure.

6. Elf Photo Album: Put together a tiny photo album with pictures of the elf’s escapades, and leave it as a keepsake.

7. Gift for Kids: Have the elf leave a small gift or Christmas ornament for the kids as a token of appreciation.

Remember to tailor the farewell to the interests and preferences of your family, and make it a special and magical moment for everyone involved!

Hope these have helped, I would love you to share any images during December,

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