9 Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

When the end of the school year rolls around, many parents want to say Thank You to their children’s teachers for all they have done for their child throughout the school year. Having cared and looked after your child all year round, this is the perfect time to choose a little something to show them how much you appreciate all they have done. At the end of the year, they deserve something special. These teacher gift ideas tick that box. 

Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

If your little one is reaching the end of their school year, show their teacher how much you both appreciate their efforts by gifting them one of these seven teacher appreciation class gift ideas. You can guarantee they won’t already have it! 

1: “Thanks for Helping Me Grow”  Plant Pot

teacher gifts

Our personalised bamboo plant pots are one of our most popular teacher gifts.  Our plant pots can be engraved with delightful phrases to make the teacher smile, such as ‘Thanks for helping me grow this year!’ and ‘a teacher plants a seed that never stops growing.’  If you are looking for a whole class gift the classes names can be engraved on the other side of the pot. It’s a fun reminder of that year of class and is sure to make the teacher smile each time they look over at it. 

personalised Thank You gift

The pots look great with a hardy plant that the teacher (and the kids!) can easily look after. Lavender is a good option – as is aloe vera! They also look great with a mini Christmas tree and if uses as a whole class gift gift vouchers can be attached to the tree.

The pots also look great on a desk filled with pens, textas etc and we know teachers can never have enough stationary.

2: Personalised Classroom Sign

Rainbow classroom sign

Teacher’s love to add their personal touch to their rooms, and a fun , personalised classroom sign is a gift a teacher can take with them no matter which classroom or school they maybe teaching in.

Classroom signs are not just for classrooms, but could say Mrs Smith’s Music Room or Miss Jackson’s Drama Room on the sign, ensuring every child knocking on the door knows where they are. They look cute while serving a function! 

There are a variety of options available and they are suitable for both female and male teachers.  They look incredible and are sure to capture the attention of those walking through the classroom door. 

Personalised Teacher Sign

3: Personalised Teacher Ornament

Do you want to give your little one’s teacher something they will truly cherish? If so, choose the personalised teacher ornament. They come in a range of designs, from bamboo to silver acrylic, and can be placed anywhere around the classroom. Plus, you can choose from some adorable words to put on the ornament, such as ‘it takes a big heart to shape little minds.’

Takes A Lot of Sparkle to Teach

Teacher Inspirer Ornament

The ornament even sits perfectly on a Christmas tree, so it would make an excellent gift during the holiday season! Whatever the teacher uses it for, they will surely love its unique and personal design. I have a box full of decorations given to me by students, over 30 years ago now, and each Christmas I think of each one as I place the ornament on my tree. 

4: Positive Affirmation Classroom Signs

personalised positive affirmation board

Are you looking for gift ideas for kindy teachers? A big motivation for kindy teachers is to make their class feel good. It makes the kids feel happy, which, in turn, makes the teacher feel great. 

A way that you can contribute to a more positive classroom is by gifting the teacher a positive affirmation classroom sign. These signs can hang anywhere in the classroom, with phrases like ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’ written on them, along with the teacher’s name. This sign will make the teacher smile, and it may even help kids feel good! Plus, it’s a cute way for the teacher to decorate their teaching space. 

5: Personalised Wooden Coasters

It is no secret that many teachers love coffee. It makes sense – it is warm, delicious, and keeps them energetic, which is especially important when they’re looking after a bunch of kids! Plus, a coaster is a great idea when looking for gift ideas for male teachers. 

Make their coffee experience even brighter by gifting them a personalised wooden coaster. These wooden coasters come in chunky dark wood, giving them a sophisticated appearance, and to go on them, you can choose a personal engraved message. A wooden coaster is one of those gifts that will get used time and time again, so it is sure to be appreciated! 

6: Personalised Keyring

Blue/green Rainbow Key Ring

Lots of our customers also love our personalised keyring. This adorable personalised keyring has the name of your teacher written on it, with a gorgeous rainbow at the top. It’s pretty, unique, and is surely unlike anything the teacher has received so far! 

They can keep it on their keys – the place most people keep their keyrings – or they could hang it on their lanyard. It’s a bright, colourful gift that celebrates the brightness that teachers bring into little ones’ lives. 

The personalised keyring comes in two designs – pastel pinks and blues/greens, so you can choose the one that the teacher will love the most. The words are engraved on blonde bamboo.  

7: Personalised Teacher Sign

Gold Mirror Teacher Sign

Are you still struggling to find the perfect gift for your child’s teacher? You can’t go wrong with the personalised teacher sign. They are made of either bamboo or acrylic, depending on which one you choose, and read ‘Mrs Green Teaches Here!’. Of course, the name is changed from teacher to teacher. 

It’s the best thank you gift you can provide at the end of the year. It’s personal, fun, unique, and shows your teacher’s identity, which helps make the classroom seem even more homely. When students walk through the door and see the sign, they will know exactly where they are. 

Teal Mirror Personalised Teacher Gift Sign

8. Personalised Sticky Note Holder

A Personalized Sticky Note Holder, is a thoughtful and practical gift for teachers.

The wooden holder will add a personal touch to a teacher’s desk, serving as a daily reminder of the impact they make in the lives of their students.

A functional and sentimental gift, it’s the perfect way to express appreciation for the dedication and heart teachers put into their work.

We personalise your note holder with either an acrylic script or block name, from a variety of different colours. Silver, gold, rose gold mirror, or white, black, red, pink, or blue solid acrylic.

Teacher Sticky Note Holder

9. Personalised Teacher Plant Stake

Whether placed in a pot plant or nestled in a bunch of flowers, this plant stake serves as a lasting symbol of appreciation, acknowledging the enduring impact teachers have on their students’ growth and future.

Than our Engraved Plant Stake will work for you and carries a simple message:

“Teachers plant seeds that grow forever.”

This thoughtful and personalized gift is perfect for expressing gratitude to a teacher for a wonderful year.

Personalize it to add an extra touch of warmth and make it a cherished reminder of the seeds of knowledge and inspiration sown by a dedicated teacher.

Teacher Plant Stake

Teachers receive many gifts at the end of the school year – and rightfully so! If you want your teacher to know how much they are appreciated it makes sense to choose a personalised one. When you give someone something that has their name on it or is customised to suit them, it shows real thought. Your little one’s teacher won’t be able to stop smiling! Don’t forget to add a handwritten card to the teacher as well, thanking them for all they have done, these cards mean more to the teacher than you know and are kept for years. 

Plus, many of these gift ideas for teachers help bring the inside of the teacher’s classroom to life. Whether you choose a personalised teacher ornament, a positive affirmations classroom sign, or a customised bamboo plant pot, your gift is sure to be well received.

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