Why You Need a Personalised 100 Most Frequently Used Words Set For Your Kids

Make learning easy with a Personalised 100 Most Frequently Used Words Set. This is a great set of discs that will help enhance your child’s class activities. Over the years I have found that young children often learn best when they have something tangible to hold while learning. This was the thinking behind the Personalised 100 Most Frequently Used Word Set.

The 100 most frequently used words make up half of all the words used for reading. These words are also often referred to as ‘sight words’. They are words that need to be recognised instantly to help increase fluency when reading. When I was teaching we called these words ‘Handy Words’ and had them written on coloured hands. They were called this as they were very ‘handy’ words to know.

Here are five fun word activities that you can do with your child to improve their sight reading.

5 Fun Word Activities 

Stepping Stones

This one is not only simple but also lots of fun. Place the discs randomly over the floor. The child then steps or jumps from disc to disc. They need to say the word as they land on it, and they can also say which word they are going to jump to next.

An extension to this game is to write the words outside in chalk, whether it is on the trampoline or on the garage floor. As you show them a disc they have to jump, step, or hop to the word and say the word aloud.

Match The Words

A great and easy game to set up for your kids is a word matching game. Katie and her son Haze from South West Mums came up with the idea of using a printed sheet of words to match up with the word tiles. This is a great way to improve their sight-reading, teaching them how to recognise words quickly.

South West Mums Word Set

Alphabet Game

If your child struggles with remembering the alphabet, this is a great way to practice with them. The alphabet game is simple, they just have to go through the alphabet, finding words that start with each letter. This will help them to visualise the alphabet the next time they recite it.

Silly Stories

Spread the discs out in front of you and your child, then take turns turning over three words at a time. Say each word as you turn them over. Once you have your three words, make up a silly sentence that must include the words that have been turned over. The sillier the better.

Sight Word Search

Let your child choose their favourite story from home or school. Have a read through together and see how many sight words they can find in the book. This game can also be done with any other printed materials you may have around the house.

Words Set

All of these activities will help to improve your child’s early literacy development. The discs are available in circles, hearts and octagons so that you can choose a set that your little one with love. Check them out here to make learning fun!

Thank you to Katie from South West Mums and Mrs Penny for the beautiful photography.