Top 5 Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts

At Sweetheart Creative, we don’t settle for the ordinary. We think outside the box, putting together hand-crafted and personalised items that leave a lasting impression. Are you of a similar mindset? Are you sick of handing out the same chocolate eggs for Easter?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.

One area we specialise in is crafting Easter gifts that are not chocolate-related. Forget about the cavities and sugar rushes. Below you’ll discover our most popular non-chocolate Easter gifts.

Bunny Bookmarks

Our Easter Bunny Bookmarks are perfect for teachers who want to hand out Easter-themed gifts before the holidays but don’t want to send the kids home with sugar highs!

These adorable bookmarks come in packs, which makes them ideal when gifting to multiple recipients. Plus, if you cannot resist adding a little bit of chocolate, don’t worry. The bookmarks can be made with – or without – a designated spot for a mini Easter egg.

Not only are these holiday keepsakes beautifully charming with an eye-catching bunny design, but they also encourage learning. Making them a perfect, chocolate-free Easter gift in more ways than one.

Wooden Easter Bunny Bookmarks

Easter Bunny Board

Do you leave cookies and milk out for Santa? Well, why not make it an annual tradition to also treat the Easter Bunny? With our Carrots for Easter Bunny Board, you’ll let the Easter Bunny know exactly where to pick up his Easter snack when he leaves his gifts and eggs on Saturday night.

As far as Easter gifts for toddlers go, this is one of the best ways to get youngsters engaged and in the Easter spirit. They can pick out the carrots they want to leave for the Easter Bunny, plus any other little extras they’d like him to enjoy before he leaves.For something from the heart, choose your own message to engrave on our Personalised Bunny Boards.

Easter chopping board

Personalised Easter Basket

One of the most magical and memorable parts of Easter is the annual Easter egg hunt. This year, your little one can collect their eggs in a Personalised Easter Basket and use it for years to come.

With their own personalised Easter basket, suddenly the egg hunt becomes an even more exciting and special experience. They’ll want to fill up their basket with as many eggs and treats as they can find.

One of our most popular Easter gifts for kids, these lightweight wooden baskets can be personalised with anyone’s name. This means each member of the family can have their own basket when the hunt is on!

Personalised Easter Basket

Personalised Easter Box

The perfect spot for Easter gifts and activities from the Easter bunny is in a Personalised Easter Box. With your child’s name and an Easter design engraved on top, you can create childhood memories and family traditions by hiding chocolate or non-chocolate Easter goodies in there the night before.

ersonalised Easter Box with Easter Egg border

Customised Bamboo Pot

It’s not just about the children. We also have non-chocolate Easter gifts for parents, and this is shown by our beautiful Easter Customised Bamboo Pot. It is the perfect gift for grandparents, teachers, and anyone with a green thumb.

Just add a pot plant, engrave a message that resonates with the recipient, and they’ll have a memorable living reminder of Easter day – one that will last much longer than a chocolate bunny or egg.

Take a break & smell the flowers - Happy Easter

More Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

If our most popular Easter gifts are not enough, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are some more non-chocolate Easter gift ideas to keep in mind.

Personalised Easter Bunny Please Hop By Sign

Your youngsters want to make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t miss them when he’s handing out goodies. Well, if you’re on your travels during the Easter season, this Personalised Easter Bunny Please Hop By Sign ensures the Easter Bunny knows exactly where your family is – whether you’re at home or in a tent on the other side of the country.

For that extra impact, this cute sign can be customised to include your child/children or family name.

Personalised Sleepy Bunny

Are you searching for seasonal decorations that also double as unique Easter gifts for kids? If so, look no further than our Personalised Sleepy Bunny. With its rustic yet endearingly cute appearance, the sleepy bunny won’t just charm the recipient – it will also captivate anyone else that sees his relaxed appearance!

The sleepy bunny can be personalised with your child’s name, making it resonate even more with them. This decoration is freestanding so it can be placed wherever it fits best.

Bunny Wall Hanging

Another decoration option is our Personalised Bunny Wall Hanging. With its minimalist design, this decoration isn’t just for youngsters – older kids can also appreciate the style and sophistication of this bunny head. That is certainly the case when their name is illuminated by this personalised wall hanging!

There are two design options available – short or long eared – giving you more customising choices. Either way, the Bunny Wall Hanging will create an impressive statement in any child’s room.

Our Easter gifts can be given with or without chocolate, but either way, they’ll be lasting keepsakes to remember the day by. 

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