Top 10 Ideas to include in your Christmas Eve Box

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about all the little touches you want to put around the house this year. One adorable idea that has taken off lately has been Christmas Eve Boxes.

They are a gorgeous way to celebrate Christmas Eve by gifting to your little one a full kit to make a snuggly night before the big day itself.

Have a look at our personalised Christmas Eve boxes and find some inspiration for what you could fill them with below.

Christmas eve Box

Christmas Baking

If you are looking to give back this Christmas, we love the #kindnessandcake2018 Christmas Appeal from Cake 2 The Rescue.  Buy one of their super cute DIY Christmas Cake Kits and they will donate $10 to buying birthday cakes for kids in need in 2019.  It’s also a super fun family Christmas activity to share!


One thing that is always worth including is a few games to play as a family. Whether it be a deck of cards or something a bit special like our personalised Christmas Jenga, playing a game will bring the family together.

Personalised Christmas Jenga Blocks

Christmas Craft Kit

There are plenty of simple Christmas crafts you can do with kids, so why not make up your own Christmas craft kit to stretch your child’s creativity? It can be as simple as coloured pieces of paper to make paper chains and snowflakes and makes for a fun activity for the whole family.

Christmas Movies

One thing that is always a welcome addition to any Christmas Eve box is a classic Christmas movie. Choose something fun, nostalgic, or heart-warming that the entire family can snuggle up and watch together.


Though the tree is already decorated, there is always room for one more ornament. Include a standout piece such as our personalised unicorn ornament that you can add to the decorations for years to come.

Unicorn Ornament Personalised

Hot Chocolate Kit

There is no better way to settle into bed than with a cup of hot chocolate. Put a sachet of hot chocolate mix with some marshmallows in the Christmas Eve box to make for a tasty and relaxing treat.


Another idea to get the kids excited for bed is to give them a set of Christmas pyjamas. Once they have their new PJs on they will be leaping into bed to wait for Santa.


To go with the pyjamas, throw in some cute slippers. There are plenty of adorable reindeer slippers out there that will keep your kid’s feet warm and make the night feel like a slumber party.

Bedtime Story

To calm down from all the sugar and excitement, nothing does the job better than a bedtime story. Make it a Christmas tale so that as you read to your little one they will slowly fall asleep to happy thoughts of Christmas day.

Toy Reindeer

Store shelves are currently lined with adorable Christmas themed toys that would make perfect additions to Christmas Eve boxes if you have some spare room. Once your child is all tucked in and ready for bed they can cuddle their new toy reindeer and finally drift off to sleep.