Personalised Gift Ideas for Thoughtful Gift Giving

It is often hard to choose a truly thoughtful gift. That’s especially true if you have already bought the person lots of gifts in the past. When you’ve already gifted them plenty of bottles of wine, candles, fluffy socks, flowers and books, you might struggle to come up with something different.

That is where personalised gifts come in. Rather than getting them something you could get anyone, you could give the person something truly unique and completely theirs. 

Why Personalised Gifts Make the Perfect Present 

Unique personalised gifts make the perfect present because they are just that – unique. The receiver won’t have anything else quite like it. Plus, they‘ll know that real thought has been put into getting it for them. It is not as simple as running into a store for a last-minute present when it comes to personalisation! If you want to make someone feel truly special, unique custom gifts are the way to go. 

Our Most Popular Personalised Gift Ideas 

Here at Sweetheart Creative, we have a wide range of high-quality personalised products to choose from. Whether you want a personalised coaster, sign, or box, we have you covered. Here are some of our best personal gift ideas that our customers love. 

Personalised Plant Pots

Do you have a green-fingered friend in your life? If so, they’ll love our personalised plant pots. Personalise the pot with words – or even a photograph! The plant pot will keep a memory intact forever while helping a plant blossom. It would look great on anyone’s mantelpiece, windowsill, or dining table. 

teacher gifts

Personalised Jenga

One of our best personalised gifts is our Jenga set. It is perfect given at a festive time of year, as everyone can gather around and play a game of Jenga! You can personalise both the outside the box and the actual Jenga pieces themselves. For example, you could write the names of your family members on each Jenga piece. 

Personalised Jenga Guest Book Blocks Tower 7

Wooden Coasters

Coasters are a must-have for any homeowner. They don’t have to be boring and old, though. Help someone spruce up their home by gifting them a personalised wooden coaster! You could write their names on the coaster or perhaps a funny phrase. Made on high-quality, durable wood, the receiver is sure to get a lot of use out of them. 

corporate logo personalised wooden coasters

Personalised Classroom Sign

Decorating a classroom is a big deal for all teachers. If you have a teacher in your life, why not help them do that by getting them a personalised classroom sign? It’s perfect for new teachers celebrating their first teaching role! Write ‘Mrs/Miss/Mr Name’s Classroom’ on it to ensure they settle in comfortably. The school kids will love it, too. 

Plywood classroom sign

Personalised Rainbow Success Box

The personalised rainbow success box is a pretty wooden box with a rainbow on the front. It is perfect for keeping memories inside – little trinkets that you accumulate over the years. Your loved one is sure to love it. You could even gift it already containing small items inside of it! 

Sweetheart Creative Success Box

Bamboo Sign

A sign is an excellent addition to any home – especially a personalised one. Get your loved one a personalised sign for their entrance hall, lounge, bathroom, or any room in their home. If you know someone buying their first home, it makes a perfect gift!

Personalised Bamboo SIgns

Positive Affirmation Signs

Do you know someone who likes to feel empowered every day? Our personalised positive affirmation signs are enough to get anyone motivated. It would make the perfect house-warming gift for someone wanting to feel more at home in a new house.

Personalised Positive Affirmation Teacher Classroom Signs

Custom Gifts for Her 

Do you have a woman in your life that you want to spoil rotten? Maybe Mother’s Day is coming up, it’s you and your wife’s anniversary, or your grandma’s birthday is looming. If so, these personalised gift ideas for her are sure to make her smile. 

Engraved Bamboo Paddle Board

These engraved bamboo paddle boards look beautiful hung up in a kitchen, and you can personalise them with a name or phrase to suit your loved one. 

Engraved Bamboo Paddle Board Grandma's Kitchen

Engraved Wine Bottle Box

Do you have a woman in your life who loves a bottle of wine? Make giving them a bottle even more special by giving it inside one of our engraved wine bottle boxes. If it’s Christmas time, you could even get them a 12 days of Christmas wine rack

engraved mother's day wine bottle box different styles

Bamboo Photo Plant Pot

Putting plants in the home is a great way to decorate. You can make those plants shine even more by putting them inside a photo plant pot. Simply upload a photograph of your choice, and you will receive a plant pot with the picture on it. A family photo is an excellent option. The woman in your life will love it! 

Personalised Photo Bamboo Plant Pot

Custom Gifts for Him 

If you need to buy a present for the man in your life, there is a chance you’re struggling – especially if it seems that they already have everything they could want! Give them something they’ll never forget with one of these custom gifts for him. 

Treat Board for Dad

Whether you’re buying for your father or your little one’s dad, these treat boards are perfect. From pizzas, doughnuts, to pancakes, no matter what they like, they are sure to make him smile. 

Personalised Father's Gift Treat Boards Mixed

Custom Wooden Coasters

Do you know a guy who can’t function without their morning coffee? If so, give him a personalised wooden coaster for him to use with his morning cup of joe. 

Mixed Customised Personalised Father's Day Wooden Coasters

Personalised Gifts for Kids

Buying a unique gift for a kid is tricky. They likely already receive so many presents, after all! To make sure your present stands out, give them one of these personalised presents. 

Personalised Birth Announcement Plaques

When a baby is born, it is important to immortalise that memory forever. There is no better way to do it than getting a personalised birth announcement plaque. More of a present for the parents than the baby, this plaque will be looked upon for years to come, and it will always spur up memories of the day the little one was born. It’s perfect! 

personalised wooden birth announcement plaque

100 Most Frequently Used Words Set

Do you know a kid who is learning to read? Perhaps your son/daughter, niece, nephew, or little cousin? If so, the 100 most frequently used words set is a great way to encourage their learning. The 100 pieces make it interactive, ensuring that the kid is never bored while learning new words. You can go through each word with them, ensuring they familiarise themselves with the spelling and meaning. With this word set, they are likely to grow into an avid reader!

Personalised 100 Most Frequently Used Words Set

Positive Affirmation Sign

You want to promote positive thinking in a kid’s life, so these positive affirmation signs are perfect. Make them personalised for a truly unique and thoughtful gift. You could write affirmations like ‘in a world where you can be anything – be kind’. Such words will help the kid grow into an awesome adult!

positive affirmation sign afterpay

Gifting Something Unique

These are some of the best personalised gifts you can find. Use these personalised gift ideas, and the person you’re giving them to is sure to be appreciative. There’s nothing better than a unique gift, after all!